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Return trip to the bottom

3 5 3 6-8 hours

With the exception of Heron Pot, the caves of East Kingsdale are more challenging than their neighbours on the west side of the valley. We decided to pick only one of these to rig for Eurospeleo. The choice of King Pot was simple, as it is regarded by many as one of the best examples of ‘harder’ caving in the United Kingdom.

Cavers should be prepared for a very long day involving tight squeezes and a tiring upward journey. Even without carrying rope bags, King Pot is a serious undertaking. Any groups considering a trip here must do advanced research and ensure their team is of appropriate skill and fitness. However, you can also expect some very rewarding moments, and a truly memorable day out. At the bottom of King Pot is the East Kingsdale Master Cave. Unfortunately this fine passage ends at sumps after only a short distance. These have been dived to Keld Head, the resurgence for the entire valley, in what, at the time, was one of the most daring and longest cave dives ever performed!

A printed description for King Pot, taken from the excellent guide book ‘Not for the Faint Hearted’ will be available at the conference, with kind permission of the author, Mike Cooper.

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