EuroSpeleo 2016 Sessions

International expedition to Turkey "KIZILIN'2015"

Session code: OE38

Oral / Exploration, Main EuroSpeleo Conference

Mrs Heliana Dundarova


International expedition in 2015 year was held from 5 until 13 June. It was organized by Ali Yamac from OBRUK. Seven more Turkish cavers from different clubs took part in the expedition . Among them was also a team of 4 cave divers. The international character of the expedition comes with the participation of Bulgarians (A. Zhalov and K.Stoichkov members of Bulgarian Caving Society) and L. Makrostergios of Speleological group of Karditsa - Greece.
During the expedition were explored in total 28 artificial caves and complexes with total length more than 2 km, but tens of the located caves rest unexplored. The most ingesting discovery in that place was necropolis consisting 4 (or probably more) cave tombs. Having in mind the historical and archaeological written sources all discovered cavities could be dated form the Hellenistic – Roman period.


Caver till 1971 . Instructor of Speleology, Cave Rescuer . Member of Bulgarian Caving Sociery. Member of Bulgarian Geological Society; Former Secretary General of Balkan Speleological Union ; Vice Secretary General of FSE. Leader of exploration speleo projects and expeditions: Albania (1991-2012), Cuba , China (1990,2011,2013) Greece (1984, 2011,2012,2014, 2016), Vietnam , Iran etc. Current President of Balkan Speleological Union, Writer of popular, scientific and artistic publications on caving and speleology (8 books and more than 300 publications in Bulgaria and abroad.