EuroSpeleo 2016 Sessions

Poster: Chinese – Bulgarian Expedition in Gaolingongshan Mt. , South West China

Session code: P1

Poster / Exploration, Main EuroSpeleo Conference



Chinese – Bulgarian Expedition in Gaolingongshan Mt. , South West China
Oral presentation
By Alexey Zhalov – Bulgarian Caving Society

In the period 2011 – 2013 two Chinese – Bulgarian expedition in Yunnan Province – South West China were held. During the expedition 25 caves were explored and surveyed with total length of 7 157 m . The longest caves explored are : Xian Ren Dong – 1863.70 m , Yenze Dong (Swallow cave) with 1514 m and Da Shi Dong (Big rock cave) with 1394 m length. All objects were studied from bio speleological point of view, respectively, had collected a considerable zoological material. Among them new species for science were found.


Caver till 1971 . Instructor of Speleology, Cave Rescuer . Member of Bulgarian Caving Sociery. Member of Bulgarian Geological Society; Former Secretary General of Balkan Speleological Union ; Vice Secretary General of FSE. Leader of exploration speleo projects and expeditions: Albania (1991-2012), Cuba , China (1990,2011,2013) Greece (1984, 2011,2012,2014, 2016), Vietnam , Iran etc. Current President of Balkan Speleological Union, Writer of popular, scientific and artistic publications on caving and speleology (8 books and more than 300 publications in Bulgaria and abroad.