EuroSpeleo 2016 Sessions

Field Trip: Dowsing a fresh look at finding Caves

Session code: FG3

Field / General, Main EuroSpeleo Conference

Mr David Morrison


Dowsing Field Trip for EuroSpeleo 2016

As this Millenium approached half of 1000 UK adults surveyed believed in Telepathy. Co-incidence or chance that some attending this years EuroSpeleo Congress might have already wondered whether there will be a discussion on finding cave by dowsing for the existence of cave passages beneath.

An interesting jaunt into the 'I wonder if it works' category for those who may not know they know yet. A light-hearted look into the possible. Guided by cave digging venturer David 'Tuska' Morrison, who knows he may not know, yet.

It will be a fun sunny Wednesday afternoon on a Yorkshire hillside?!


Having been Involved over several years in the many varied aspects of Cave Digging and Exploration for new cave systems under the Somerset Hills. I believe I have a reasonable knowledge of what signs a way to the location of new caves.