EuroSpeleo 2016 Sessions

Forest of Dean Round Up

Session code: OE32

Oral / Exploration, Main EuroSpeleo Conference

Mr Paul Taylor


The Forest of Dean is one of the smaller caving areas in the UK but still boasts (just) the 10th longest cave in the UK at 13km plus. It does not give up its secretes easily and over the years significant amounts of digging and civil engineering have been required. This presentation takes a look back at some of these projects and the results thay gave as well as looking at the latest work that is going on to continue that development. Also a sneak preview of some of the amazing film footage that is being produced by the filming team working on the Otter Hole Project.


Started Caving aged 13 and now 62 so nearly 50 years. Been involved with a lot of Digging in the Forest of Dean resulting in a number of significant discoveries over the years. Very involved with GCRG. Chairman of FoDCCAG