EuroSpeleo 2016 Sessions

Search and Discovery of Ogof Marros

Session code: OG3

Oral / General, Main EuroSpeleo Conference

Mr Andy Freem


Two films will be shown that follow the search and discovery of the cave and also the unique character of its speleothems. The presentations contain film of the actual events and capture both the excitement and the complex decision making and safety issues related to digging and discovery. The films together make a 50 minute session so it might be an option to timetable 2 sessions - 1 x 40 minute for the ' SEARCH FOR OGOF MARROS' film and 1 x 20 minute for the SPELEOTHEMS AND GEOMORPHOLOGY OF OGOF MARROS presentation / discussion


Andy and Antonia Freem are amateur cave video makers in the UK and are members of the 10 strong digging team that discovered Ogof Marros, in West Wales, in during the summer and autumn of 2015.


Andy and Antonia Freem