EuroSpeleo 2016 Sessions

The Unexplored - documentary film

Session code: OE40

Oral / Exploration, Main EuroSpeleo Conference

Mr Vanyo Gyorev


This is 38 min documentary! Bulgarian cavers who moved to the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico in 2012 and started exploring what was to become the longest single entrance underwater cave in the world - the Ixtlan Cave System. This was the beginning of the longest sustained full time exploration project in Mexico, which is still ongoing four years later with an average of 7 dives per week. With nearly 14 kilometers of surveyed length and more than 30 open-end lines still, the effort of the ATI Cave Exploration Team is probably the most difficult underwater sidemount exploration ever conducted. The movie will be presneted from Alexey Zhalov with the special appointment and kind permission of Ivo Kalushev!


Former owner of the Roke Speleology school in Europe and has 25 years of cave exploration and teaching experience as a Technical Speleology and Emergency Rescue Instructor Trainer. Leader of the ATI Cave Exploration Team and he currently teaches specialized exploration-specific courses to certified cave cave divers.


Director, Writer & Producer: Ivo Kalushev
Camera: Ivo Kalushev, Valery Andreev
Crew, Cast & Support Divers: Deyan Iliev, Niki Zlatkov, Valery Andreev, Peter Kolev, Plamen Statev, Nevena Stateva, Hristian Markov.