EuroSpeleo 2016 Sessions

Poster: Grotte Casteret (Gruta Helada de Casteret) An annotated and illustrated bibliography. 2007

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Poster / General, Main EuroSpeleo Conference

Mr David St. Pierre


The Grotte Casteret., Aragon, Spain. An Annotated and Illustrated Bibliography, 2007.
This famous cave 2665m high in the Ordesa and Mont Perdido National Park was explored by Norbert Casteret in 1926. At the time the World’s highest known glacière. The author visited the cave in 1961 with SWETC Caving Club Since that time information about the cave has been collected and is published here There are notes and illustrations on location, access, reports, surveys, and significant features of the cave. 341 items in the bibliography are annotated and presented chronologically from 1801. The centre-fold pages of the 1961 survey shows the extent of the ice at that time. Although the ice forms seasonally there has been a general degradation and the photographs, surveys and reports from various decades illustrate this. A request is made for further information to be sent to the author for inclusion in a new edition. Access is strictly controlled by the Spanish Authorities.


David, a retired land surveyor living in the Yorkshire Dales started caving 1958.. With his wife Shirley visited the Grotte Casteret 1961 with SWETC CC and started a Norwegian cave index and bibliography 1963. Other bibliographies of caves in Puerto Rico, Svalbard, and Norway.


This publication is BCRA CSS No. 17. It will be on sale at the BCRA stand..
It is one of three posters: 2. is the Grotte Casteret Bibliography - proposed new edition.
3. The Norwegian Cave Index and Bibliography.

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