EuroSpeleo 2016 Sessions

Poster: The new edition of the Grotte Casteret (Gruta Helada de Casteret) Annotated and Illustrated Bibliography.

Session code: P2

Poster / General, Main EuroSpeleo Conference

Mr David St Pierre


The Grotte Casteret is a famous glacière in the Spanish Pyrenees. A bibliography compiled by David St. Pierre was published 2007 by BCRA. 300 additional references have already been compiled. 80 speleologists and librarians from 12 countries have provided contacts, ,information, publications for annotation, photographs, surveys, and translations. Since 2014, Alain Dole, Spéléo Club de Tarbres, who bought part of the Casteret Archives in 2009, has been collaborating. He has provided many references relating to Norbert Casteret. Spanish speleologists, 2015, compared the 1961 SWETC CC information included in 2007 with modern conditions. The new edition will have the same format: and be illustrated with maps, surveys and photographs. References dating from 1789 which relate to the locality, or to ice in caves will be included. The chronology of the entries in the bibliography will provide a sense of history of exploration and study of the Grotte Casteret and local features. Classification will facilitate searches for references of a particular subject. Selective annotations will generally not be abstracts. A request is made for more information.


David St. Pierre. visited Grotte Casteret 1961 with SWETC Caving Club. Published the Bibliography with BCRA 2007. and continued collecting material.. His collaborator Alain Dole, Spéléo Club de Tarbres, bought part of the Casteret archives 2009. A new edition is being compiled.


David St. Pierre. SWETC Caving Club, BCRA.
Alain Dole. Spéléo Club de Tarbres, FFS.