EuroSpeleo 2016 Sessions

Poster: Norwegian Cave Index and Bibliography (Founded 1963)

Session code: P3

Poster / General, Main EuroSpeleo Conference

Mr David St. Pierre


David and Shirley St. Pierre. (SWETC Caving Club),. visited Gråtådalen. Northern Norway in 1963. Over forty caves were studied (CRG Trans. 8 (1) 1966}. On their return they started a Norwegian Cave Index and Bibliography. This is held in card indexes at the compiler’s home. Members of Norsk Grotteforbund - NGF (The Norwegian Speleological Society) visited in 2009 and 2013 and scanned over 4000 cards. By 2013 (50 years),1922 marble caves and 641caves in other rocks had been indexed and the bibliography held 2365 and 592 references respectively. They are cross-referenced. Many cards have been added and there is a large backlog of material to be indexed. A paper copy of most references is held - about 15m of shelf space. Lists of Norway’s longest, deepest and highest caves are updated for NGF and abstracts submitted for BBS SA. Many annotated bibliographies of various caves and caving areas including Svalbard have been published, mainly in Norsk Grotteblad. Caves in marble, other rocks, ice and littoral caves are differentiated. The compiler would be pleased to receive copies of anything published about Norwegian caves.The records will eventually be deposited with NGF.


David & Shirley St. Pierre, SWETC Caving Club, visited Norway (1963) starting a Cave Index and Bibliography. “CRG published “Caves of Gråtådalen” (1966) “Rana” (1969).. Shirley 18 visits to Norwegian caves before 1987. David, an honorary member of Norsk Grotteforbund and Beiarn Grotteklubb,, 40 visits (Svalbard 2007),publishes in NGBlad..


David St. Pierre SWETC Caving Club, BCRA, Norsk Grotteforbund
Shirley St. Pierre (dec. 1987) SWETC Caving Club, BCRA., Norsk Grotteforbund.