EuroSpeleo 2016 Sessions

Vietnam, '25 years of exploration'

Session code: OE15

Oral / Exploration, Main EuroSpeleo Conference

Mr Martin Holroyd


The magnificent Hang Son Doong cave was explored in 2009 by the British caving expedition. Not only is the unbelievable scale of the cave that remains with you but the vast number of unique and diverse situations you find yourself in.
The stunning discovery was the culmination of many expeditions which began in 1990. The early expeditions were faced with a Communist country still affected by a trade embargo.Vietnam was a difficult and challenging country to visit the team were faced with challenging travel, abject poverty and limited information.By building friendships and links with Hanoi University and local people the expeditions thrived and continue today exploring many fantastic caves often in remote areas of the jungle. Today Vietnam is a must visit destination for many and is benefiting from a booming tourist industry with many travel restrictions lifted.
The expeditions have focused on the World Heritage protected jungle of the Ke Bang massif which stretches across the border into Laos. This sensitive area is still protected and access is severely restricted which still requires permits to visit. With some of the oldest limestone in the world this densely jungle covered limestone has revealed many large and beautiful caves.


Locally based caver with over 35years caving and cave diving experience. Involved on worldwide expeditions as well as local discoveries in the the Dales. Underground leader for the local cave rescue organisation.


Vietnam Caving Expedition
Howard & Deb Limbert.