EuroSpeleo 2016 Sessions

A geographical web content management system for cave and surface data

Session code: OT8

Oral / Technical, Main EuroSpeleo Conference

Mr Alex Pologea


SilexGIS is a new web software application which aims to provide speleological groups and individuals with a way to manage the existing cave and associated surface data.

It allows you to import existing data files (surface GPS data, cave survey data, surface and cave maps, photos, trip reports, activity logs and various other files / information) and to organize this information in a connected and easy to retrieve manner. You can visualize the imported information online on interactive maps on top of public available satelite imagery sources and other layers you define, work collaboratively with your colleagues on the data and export compiled maps with selected information.

Another aspect, currently under development, is the data analysis functionality which is a lightweight (but easy to use and aimed at cavers) alternative to current complex GIS tools for analyzing underground and surface mapped information in karst areas.

The software is opensource and comes with a license that allows you to freely use or modify it.

Main functionality of the application will be presented in a live demonstration during the session.


Member of Silex Brasov Speleology Club with interest in survey techniques and computer analysis of speleological data. Desktop and web application programmer.


affiliation: Silex Brasov Speleology Club (Brasov, Romania)