EuroSpeleo 2016 Sessions

10 years of Cave Lighting project. LED lighting in show caves.

Session code: OT2

Oral / Technical, Main EuroSpeleo Conference

Mr Alexander Chrapko


This presentation tells about ten year experience of Cave Lighting in equipping (development and maintenance) modern subterranean tourist attractions. Here are just a few tourist attractions we equipped: Herbstlabyrinth Cave (Germany), Fundata Cave (Romania), Postojnska Jama (Slovenia), Grotte de Clamouse (France), Prometeus Cave (Georgia), Höllgrotten Cave (CH), Wendelstein Cave (Germany), Cayman Crystal Caves (Cayman), Grotte de Han (Belgium). We are going to talk about problems arising when operating a cave for a long time on a daily basis, as well as strategies and tactics in their solution. We are presenting tried-and-true modern technologies and equipment, which allow minimizing the harm caused by anthropic interference when operating a cave.


To person: more than 35 years cave experience. Was participated on big expeditions on Caukasus mountains in 80's-90's. Longest time underground: 3 weeks, 1100 m deep cave Kuibishevska, System Arabica. Also took part on exploration of Krubera-Voronja cave.
Cave Lighting project was founded 2006 in Germany.