EuroSpeleo 2016 Sessions

Čertova diera (Devil`s hole) – a part of the Domica-Baradla cave system (Slovakia)

Session code: OE13

Oral / Exploration, Main EuroSpeleo Conference

Mrs Alena Gessert


The Čertova diera Cave (together with Domica cave is about 5,5 km long) is known more than 80 years and first measurements and mapping were conducted here in the 30s of the 20th century. The cave is fluviokarstic and the stream is in the next kilometers flowing through the Domica (SK) and Baradla cave (HU). In 2014 we started new project in this cave: mapping, air temperature and discharge measuring and dye tracing experiments. During mapping activities we revised all old mapping points, mapped more than 200 meters of new corridors. For discharge measurements were 4 weirs with MARS devices installed, and since 2014 we have continuous data from the main stream and all tributaries. Air measurements have shown interesting relationship of the cold water inflow a quick drop of temperature in the winter. During flood situation at the beginning of the 2016 we conducted small successful experiments with water flow and we confirmed connection of two tributaries with two ephemeral ponors.


I am a associate proffesor of the physical geography departement in Košice (Slovakia) working 10 years in karst research. I am member of the Slovak speleological Society and HFGOK (Germany) with experiances in cave science and mapping.


Zdenko Hochmuth, Institute of Geography, Natural Science Faculty, University of P.J.Šafárik, Jesenná 5, Košice, Slovakia