EuroSpeleo 2016 Sessions

Hidden wonders of the underground world

Session code: OE34

Oral / Exploration, Main EuroSpeleo Conference

Ms Antoniya Vlaykova


“Hidden wonders of the underground world” project focuses on studies of caves in the region of Godech municipality, Bulgaria. It was accomplished by the “Association of Speleoclubs in Sofia” from November 2014 to April 2016. Project helped to organize systematic work in various areas: gathering and summarizing information available about the area, studying biospeleological diversity, surveying up-to-date maps caves, training of young cavers in methods of bio-speleological collection of samples and mapping, in-depth training in modern methods of mapping by electronic means and promoting the project and speleology as a whole.

Popularization of the discoveries achieved is of special importance as the dissemination of information about caves as unique ecosystems is crucial for their conservation and contributes to the sustainable use of karst areas. Specialized activities for children were organized at the National Museum of Natural History and within Sofia Science Festival, and students from all over Bulgaria took part in the drawing competition “The caves around us”.

The first part of the series “Speleological study in the area of Godech municipality” (in Bulgarian and English) were published thanks to this project.


Computer programmer, with the passion of caving. Took part in expeditions for exploration of deepest pits of Dinaric karst: Lukina jama -1421 m, Velebita -1026 m; one of the organizer of Bulgarian caving expedition in North Albania, Radohines massif and Tennengebirge, Austria. Member of the Cave Rescue, Bulgaria.


Bulgarian Federation of Speleology, Association of Speleoclubs in Sofia