EuroSpeleo 2016 Sessions

Demonstration of Electronic Equipment for Caving

Session code: FT1

Field / Technical, Main EuroSpeleo Conference

Mr Mike Bedford


Hosted by CREG – The Cave Radio an Electronics Group, a BCRA Special Interest Group – this field trip will provide an opportunity for attendees to see caving-related electronics gear in operation. The trip will have a strong communications theme although it’s hoped that other electronics aids for cavers will also be on show with people on hand to talk about the gear, demonstrate it, and answer questions. Of course, you’ll also be able to try out equipment yourselves.

Of particular note is the new Nicola 3 cave radio which is in the process of being made available to the UK’s rescue teams for the first time and which will be the subject of a talk at EuroSpeleo 2016. There will also be more conventional cave radios such as the HeyPhone available so that inter-operation with Nicola 3 can be demonstrated. In addition, we plan to have conventional HF radios available which have recently been shown to have application for through-rock communication and which might offer some benefits compared to LF or VLF cave radios.
This session will take place in Kingsdale Master Cave (Valley Entrance) and/or the nearby Yordas Cave.

If you’re interested, please sign up at the BCRA exhibition stand. Efforts will be made to secure transport for those who don’t have their own transport.


Cave Radio and Electronics Group (CREG)