EuroSpeleo 2016 Sessions

Field Trip to the caves of Giggleswick Scar and discussion about their speleogenesis

Session code: FS1

Field / Science, Main EuroSpeleo Conference

Dr Trevor Faulkner


This Field Trip will complement a similar talk that should be presented early in the week. It will visit the prominent Giggleswick Scar at the southern extremity of the Carboniferous limestone in North Yorkshire, which contains relict phreatic caves whose speleogenesis is enigmatic. The trip will examine the local geomorphological evidence for glaciation and deglaciation and how these have influenced the various caves and karst features. Open inception fractures and bedding plane partings, probably created during deglacial isostatic uplift, will be observed. A distinctive ravine, created by a deglacial jokulhlaup, and cupulas, formed by water flowing upward at a short cliff, will be visited. Cave archaeology, dating from the Lateglacial Interstadial, will be briefly discussed.

The trip will be organised for the later part of the week, starting at 10.00 am and completing by about 4.00 pm. Attendees should wear boots for rough walking and be prepared for inclement weather. Those who wish to enter short caves should bring helmets, lights and oversuits. Packed lunches and refreshment should be brought by attendees. Transport will be by shared use of private vehicles. Pre-registration early in the week will be required, when more detailed information will be provided to attendees.


Caving for 55 years. 20 expeditions to Norway, finding over 500 caves with total passage length of about 40km. Study of karst geomorphology, especially in marble, for 18 years. Also interested in cave archaeology