EuroSpeleo 2016 Sessions

From the blue into the dark – Exploration of the amazing Blautopfhöhle, Germany

Session code: OE29

Oral / Exploration, Main EuroSpeleo Conference

Mr Rainer Straub


The Blautopf-Cave-System, located in south Germany is explored since 1997 by the German caving group Arge Blautopf. Prior to this new explorations the Blautopf with his 1.2km long first sump attracted cave divers over years. So far the group surveyed and explored more than 13 kilometer, mostly dry or river passages beyond the first sump. The detailed survey of the team allowed 2010 to dig a dry entrance. This safe and easy access into the cave pushed the exploration and scientific work of the project. New sumps were dived at the far end, extremely well decorated calcified galleries and rare speleothems including living bacterial filaments (Pool-Fingers), aragonite, crystals and helictites were found and documented.

The presentation incl. a 10 min movie will give a brief overview about the exploration, discoveries and beauties of this fantastic cave.


Caving and cave diving since 1985. Delegate for cave diving of the German Speleological Federation (VdHK). Global exploration experience Europe, US (Lechuguilla), Cuba, Asia. Deep alpine caves. Focus on exploration dives, surveying, cave- science, -photography and -publishing. Major cave diving projects: Wulfbachquellhöhle, Wimsener Höhle or the exceptional Blauhöhlensystem