EuroSpeleo 2016 Sessions

Field Trip: White Scar Cave - 14th August 2016

Session code: FG4

Field / General, Main EuroSpeleo Conference

Mr John Webb


Craven Pothole Club field trip into White Scar Cave which EuroSpeleo members are welcome to join.
This famous UK show-cave consists of a long vadose streamway including sections of swimming and deep water traversing in a classic stream canyon. After approx 400m of show-cave we leave the public path to enter the main stream by swimming 150m to a major boulder choke. Care is needed as we traverse through the choke which breaks out into a long vadose canyon up to 20m high for over 1000m. The final section consists of wading through low arches in a 10m wide phreatic streamway to Sump 1. Return is via the same route making the trip a total of approx 3000m.
NOTE: Due to the swimming section and final phreatic wading sections it is necessary to wear a neoprene or neo-fleece suit. Electric lamps are mandatory (NO carbide) and a fee of £2.50 has to be paid to pass through the show-cave. Meet at the White Scar Cave car-park at 09:45hrs on Sunday 14th August.

NOTE: Pre-registration will be required, apply at Reception or online closer to the date


Member of Craven Pothole Club (currently Cottage Warden) since 1973. 44 years caving experience in UK and Europe. 8 years climbing experience in UK.


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